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Would you like to start with preparing of your proposal? You would like something special, because she is the most important person in your life and you are sure that you should do everything for her? Then we would like to offer you our services. There is Prague proposal that can make you happy, because we can offer you pre-arrange package, but there is also possibility to make your proposal day only along your plan. We will contact hotel that you will choose or we will assure your favourite food from your favourite restaurant, we can prepare and decorate park, where you want stay and there are lots of other possibilities.

Your great day

It should be your great day, so we are absolutely sure that you will choose from our offer. We know that maybe wedding is more important and you would like to invest into this experience, but in the other hand, you can do something nice and perfect for her before your wedding. Don´t hesitate and contact us, because we can prepare everything. You can have nice day in Prague and then you will go into luxury hotel or restaurant. Make a good step.